Thursday, April 22, 2021

The 15 Dresses on My Spring/Summer Radar

Send all the pastels, gingham and floral prints my way!

You know how people are always searching for the perfect denim jean, well every year I'm always in search for the perfect dress. For the longest time I hated my legs, the shape of them to be precise, I was semi-teased about them in school but funny enough guys I've dated never noticed my "flaw" until I pointed it out to them. Don't ask me why I did that, I think it was my way of beating them to the punch, although it never fazed them one bit. I'd always cover them up every chance I got, so finding the perfect jean has never been a problem of mine, but I guess with age comes wisdom and a heavy dose of "I don't care" attitude and slowly I've learned to love my legs, even recognising the privilege to have legs at all, as "flawed" as I may think they are.

In the past my criteria for picking dresses was whatever was the longest, I soon recognised that this doesn't always work out for my 5'5" frame and it would look like I was drowning in fabric plus it meant that I've been missing out on all the cute the one above! I mean how adorable is this dress from Nasty Gal! The picture quality doesn't do it justice. It's from last years collection so I don't have link to it but, I have compiled an edit of the dresses on my Spring/Summer radar...



Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Instagram saw it first - follow @thisislavinya  - but I thought I would share the look here too! 😉 
Smarten up your loungewear, just a little, with a cute skirt and swap the trainers for a pair of boots. 

1.  SWEATshirt

tip 1Don't ask me why but sometimes the selection of sweatshirt designs in the Menswear dept are so much more 🔥 than in the   womenswear. For that oversize feel order a L or XL. 

TIP 2 - Add a turtleneck underneath for stylish layering and to keep you warm!

2.  Skirt
3.  socks + boots

Monday, February 08, 2021


Invest in your bedroom. Turn it into a sanctuary where you would always feel safe and happy. Invest in high quality mattress and bedsheets. Install soft lighting. Get diffusers/scented candles so your room always smells amazing and calming when you walk in.  - @asolegrey on Twitter

There's no denying its been difficult to navigate lockdown, but it's also afforded me time to do a long overdue deep decluttering of my room. Without a worldwide halt to life as we know it who knows how long it would've taken me to clean up my makeup drawers, sort the maze under my bed and finally organise my wardrobe and dressers?! 
Six bags of clothing/shoes were donated to Traid. Was it long? Hell yes!...but soooo worth it. Now everything in my room has its own place - at last!. The more things started to feel lighter and spacious, the more I've been inspired to continue making a few more updates. So here's what I've been thinking....

My room is very practical at the moment, it has all the necessities but it's missing a sense of cohesion and warmth. The colour scheme I'm going for is a base of neutrals (cream, beige, white) with accents of terracotta and/or black soft furnishings. I want to incorporate different textures to create a more homely feel; bed throws, pillow cushions and linens and I'm all aboard the pampas grass hype train, can't help but fall in love with the subtle drama it creates within a room. 
Ultimately, new lighting, new prints, more plants and more focus on styling, so all the pieces align better together. 

This is a very rough mock up of the main area of the room I'm hoping to revamp. What was once a white wall will now be brought to "deep honey-beige life" with the help of On The Rocks  by Crown Paints. I'm excited to find new prints from Desenio to hang above my bed in these gorgeous pair of IKEA Viserum Gold 30x40cm Frames.   

New bedding is definitely a must. It's been a while since I updated them, which seems crazy seeing as I'm in a loving supportive commitment with my bed - lol. Last year I had the opportunity to work with Made.Com and was kindly gifted their Made Essentials Besley Double Bed and it deserves fresh La Redoute Washed Linen Plain Covers in Ecru

Another idea I have is to up-cycle my desk and shelving unit. I think making the items 'Black' will look good against the colour of the wall and tie both pieces together either side of my bed. I'm hoping Painter's Touch Matt Black Multi-Purpose Spray Paint , for the  4-tier shelving unit, and D-C-Fix Black Woodgrain Adhesive Vinyl for the desk worktop, will do just the job. 

When choosing an office chair, my head says "go practical" with the IKEA Torkel Swivel Chair - but it also feels way too "worky" for me and I'm leaning more towards a plush fancy chair.


Ah decisions, decisions...

THE wishlist